Why do you need CANOFIX Door Window Awning Canopy System?

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Why do you need CANOFIX Door Window Awning System?

Do you live in a region where it’s always hot and sunny?

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re roasting inside your house since the sun is always out and there is no way for you to control that?

You certainly need CANOFIX Door Window Awning System.

Simply stated, a door awning and window awning is a must-have for your home.

And why do you need CANOFIX Door Window Awning System?

First, do you know the heat-related problems that can be avoided by using door window awnings?

Heat Exhaustion is one of the most critical reasons workers call in sick. More than 10% of illnesses and injuries in the construction industry are due to heat-related conditions. This is just one of the things that CANOFIX door window awnings can help you with as it provides shade, which means less sun exposure on your skin and less heat exhaustion.

Let’s see some of the other benefits of having a CANOFIX door window awning!

It prevents your furniture from fading.

A door window awning system is a great way to keep your furniture from fading. Have you noticed that in houses without door window awnings, the paint of your sofa fades much faster? Furniture with darker colours is more susceptible to fading. This means that regular exposure to sunlight will affect its colour, and it’ll be impossible for you to revert the damage.

A CANOFIX door window awning helps protect your home against fading, which can save you hundreds of dollars in re-painting, not to mention the time and effort it would take to re-paint everything.

Take less time to cool down your home.

With a door window awning that blocks the sun’s heat, you’ll take much less time to cool down your home. This can be very beneficial during summer as cooling your home will now be more efficient and faster.

Prevents overheating of electrical appliances

Electronic equipment such as computers and TVs can also suffer from overheating. This can be because of the rising temperature inside your home, which you have to cool down again by using AC or other cooling appliances. A CANOFIX door window awning can help you prevent overheating of electrical equipment since it’s keeping your house cool, thus preventing overheating.

Saves on air-conditioning costs

By using a CANOFIX door window awning, you’ll be saving on cooling costs since it would not be needed as much. This can save you anywhere between 20% and 40% of the cost of cooling your home, depending on where you live.

Protect yourself from the rain.

With a CANOFIX door window awning, you’ll be protected from rain and harmful UV rays. This can help keep your home warm and dry, thus preventing dampness and mould growth.


Help your pets stay cool.

Pets are affected by temperature in the same way that humans are. However, they cannot tell you anything about it like we humans can. Therefore, many people prefer to leave their pets outside during the summer months. However, if your pet is left out all day, do you know the problems that come with this? There’s a chance that your dog or cat would suffer from heatstroke. With CANOFIX door window awnings, you can be sure that your pets are safe and comfortable inside the house – without having to worry about any of these issues.

The Bottom Line

Having the best door window awning is such an essential must-have, especially in regions where it’s sunny all year round!

The CANOFIX door window awnings are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They come in different styles and colours to compliment your home decor.

And most importantly, they’re easy to install!

With CANOFIX door window awnings, you can be sure that your house is protected from the heat and other harmful effects of the sun. No matter what type of home or business you have, our window door awning systems are guaranteed to help you get many benefits!

So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment, CANOFIX’s door window awning is a perfect choice.